Q: Who can book at the retreat?

A: Anybody over the age of 18 and all genders welcome.

Q: Is there WIFI in all the rooms?

A: Yes, there is.

Q: How many people will be booked at the retreat?

A: A maximum number of 15 people.

Q: Can we take photographs while participating in the retreat?

A: There will be a professional photographer snapping pic’s each day, however you are welcome to take your own at appropriate times, we do have an Instagram and Facebook page that you can tag us in.

Q: Can we bring alcohol to drink during the retreat?

A: Unfortunately this is not a good idea simply because all of the treatments taking place on Saturday and Sunday require strictly no drinking of alcohol 24 hours before-hand. We do aim to have a detoxifying weekend which eliminates all forms of alcohol intake.

Q: Are you Covid-19 compliant?


Q: Can more than 4 people book into a cottage?

A: The maximum amount of people who can sleep in a cottage is 4, we cannot make any changes to the sleeping arrangements what so ever.

Q: Is Forest Edge Accommodation safe and secure?

A: The accommodation is surrounded by a high gate and is very safe and secure.

Q: What stray animals can we expect to see at the accommodation?

A: Forest Edge do have a healthy eco-system. There is a resident bunny, some wild deer at times, butterflies, frogs and a vast bird life to enjoy. It is near the forest so there is the occasional snake or spider hiding in the bushes, however they are extremely scared of humans.

Q: Are Mosquito’s around at this time of the year (January)?

A: Yes, you will benefit from bringing mosquito repellant to apply.

Q: Do I have to eat the food provided by the retreat or can I make my own food in the self-catering cottages?

A: You are welcome to bring your own snacks to eat at your own leisure during the retreat, however, we do encourage that all meals be prepared by the retreat so as to eliminate cooking time constraints that would arise. Eating 3 well-prepared meals a day is vital for your optimum health, you can ask for your meals to be eaten alone in your cottage if you prefer.

Q: Do you have alternative payment options?

A: You are welcome to pay in 2 or 3 separate payments, as long as the final payment is made on or before the 25 January 2021.

Q: Can I book 3 treatments instead of 2 from the bouquet?

A: Depending on the treatment, the Practitioner would need to then agree and the treatment would take place after dinner or before breakfast, there would then be an additional charge.

Q: Do I need to partake in every yoga, meditation and mandatory workshop?

A: We do encourage you to take part, however, should you feel like you need to rest, take a walk, your own space, etc, you will not be forced to take part.

Q: Will I have “strangers” staying in my cottage, or how do you pair house-sharing together?

A: We will not place 2 strangers in the same room, no, but would pair you in the same cottage. On the Booking form we will gain further details about you and we would pair people together based on their “house-mate” requirements, such as same gender or age.

Q: Can we have friends, not booked at the retreat, visit us in the evenings at the accommodation?

A: This would need to be prior-arranged with the accommodation owner and only after dinner.