Welcome to the Soul Tribe Wellness Retreat. Our upcoming wellness retreat date is: 27-29 AUGUST 2021 | Winter Venue: Belle Balance – Bush Hideout, Wittedrift, Plettenbergbay (located on the Plettenbergbay Game Reserve).

WHY BOOK OUR RETREAT? Our retreat is an escape from the daily norms of life, a time to connect back to yourself, to appreciate and explore the beauty of animals & nature, to relax, to breathe in clean air, to recharge, to feel free, to indulge in healthy food, to enjoy yoga, to discover something new about yourself, to meet new people, to heal your body, mind and soul, and to open yourself up to your inner wisdom and voice.

We offer a warm, snuggle-up-next-to-the-fire, luxurious and healing weekend to soothe your body, mind and soul. Our workshops take place on an open undercover deck next to a large hippo pond (these guys can be spotted from time to time). The Belle Balance location is exquisite and has been featured in Perfect Hideaways (

We include daily morning Hatha yoga and meditation sessions, either on the open grass or on the deck next to the hippo pond, our plant based meals are mostly organic to invigorate your body for a healthy and nutritious added experience, receiving one of our many treatments offered is guaranteed to allow for both natural healing and relaxation, our practitioners are highly qualified and knowledgeable, they have helped many of our participants with breakthrough information on their health ailments (such as Lynn Pretorius who is a specialist in meta-physical reflexology), revisit your souls whispers through our Drum-journey deep meditations, Intuition workshop and Movement-to-Music mediation, learn something new through the Holotropic Breathing Technique workshop and the Medicinal Benefits of Herbs workshop where you will put together your own bath-salts for your indulgent bathtub soak.

After you have embraced a weekend of GOODNESS you can continue to repeat these good habits long after your Soul Tribe Wellness Retreat experience has ended.

Everyone and anyone, over the age of 18 years, is OH so welcome to book with us. We would love for you to embrace this exciting experience with us! We have received incredibly positive feedback from our past participants which in-turn has guided us to curate a weekend of magic, you deserve this time to yourself, be prepared for inner growth and change.

ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE: 2 nights-3 days luxurious accommodation, all meals (vegetarian), filtered water and juice, daily yoga (mats included), all workshops & meditation sessions, 2 hour game drive, musician for the Friday evening & a surprise welcome bag.



1 hour Full Body Swedish Massage R500

Full Body Exfoliation & Massage (1& half hours) R550

30 minute Neck/ Back/ Shoulder Massage R330

Meta-physical Reflexology R750 (highly recommended)

Body Realignment R600 (highly recommended)

Sound Therapy R600

Reiki Energy Healing R600

30 minute Foot & Leg Massage R330

Art Therapy R350


  1. Daily Yoga
  2. Daily Mediation
  3. Drum Journey Deep Meditation
  4. Movement-to-Music Meditation
  5. Holotropic Breathing Technique Workshop
  6. Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop
  7. Medicinal Benefits of Herbs workshop
  8. Intuition Workshop
  9. Forgiveness Affirmation & Intention session, around the bonfire, with the acoustic sounds of the guitar in the background.
  10. 2 hour Game Drive
  11. Free time to have treatments, rest or read your book.


“Overall a wonderful experience! I would love to do another one! I would highly recommend the retreat – from start to finish everything was beautifully executed. Well done!  May you have many more successful ones!”

“Jacey was wonderful. She had a real care for our comfort, experience, and well being. It was not put on and there was a sincerity that shone through”

 “Reflexology with Lynn 10/10: This blew my mind. Was one of the main reasons I was called to the retreat. Very informative and gave me some vital medical info I needed to know and need to act on”

“Reflexology with Lynn 10/10: It was amazing. She affirmed certain things that have given me problems and looked into ailments and gave suggestions on solutions and natural cures. I would send my entire family to her if I could.”

“Reiki with Adele 10/10: It was incredible. I needed my energy to be shifted and I definitely feel a lot calmer. Looking forward to the feedback.”

“My aim for this retreat was to shift my negative energy, anxiety and reconnect with myself again, I am calmer and definitely on the right path to becoming my best friend again. I cannot thank you all enough.”

“Herbal Workshop given by Roxanne 10/10: Roxanne is so knowledgeable and speaks in such a way that I could understand and relate too, I was glued to every word she spoke and wrote down everything she said to tell people back home that I know would love to hear what she has to say. I wanted to buy her products at the end but we didn’t have enough time, will buy them online though.”

“Drum Journey Meditation given by Ady: Comment: 100000000000/10”

“Yoga sessions given by Adele: 10/10: So relaxing and much appreciated after some pretty emotional reflections. It was a great time for me to be gentle with myself and connect to what I was actually doing, helped me to be present. Adele is just such an incredible woman who has such a way about her.”

“Intuition Workshop given by Adele 10/10: Loved this workshop. It is the workshop that was made for me and I didn’t even know it existed. If I could go to a university and choose all my subjects this retreats workshops would be my entire course. I can’t explain to you how much this workshop alone has opened up a whole new path of exciting subjects for me to explore. It’s like I have these passions for “otherness” and now I have words and actual practices I can delve into.”

“Body Realignment with Johan 10/10: I literally had no idea what to expect or what the treatment was, and wow wow wow was I so glad I booked it. In December I slipped down the stairs while it was raining, I had to go for X Rays and see a Physio on and off. I was still having major back ache before coming on the retreat. One session with Johan and my back is feeling so much better. I have never heard my back make a noise like that! It was such an amazing feeling. He is such a genuine guy and I really enjoyed our conversation. I felt super relaxed and like I could go and have a nap afterwards.”

“Movement to Music Meditation & Holotropic Breathwork with Ady 10/10: Incredible! What a ride! I liked that it was done in a group but in an intimate way as we weren’t facing each other, as I thought it was a deeply personal experience. Something very special happened to me. I’ve never really been interested in breathing exercises like this, hadn’t heard of this breathing before but flip I now look at it in a whole new light. It was so freeing, I felt filled with extasy. It actually gave me some physical pain and discomfort in my face and jawline, and I’ve learned that’s where I carry tension. After the initial physical shock and release came the magic of movement, I felt so much elation and femininity, power and strength, aaaah…Lovely!”

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